STAUBER and IOSA Launch MEMOREYEZ.COM to Highlight Scientific Innovations & Health Benefits of Carotenoids.



STAUBER and Industrial Orgánica Launch New Website –MEMOREYEZ.COM – to Highlight Scientific Innovations & Health Benefits of Carotenoids.


Fullerton, California – May 1, 2021 – STAUBER has launched a new website, in partnership with Industrial Orgánica SA (IOSA). serves as a research-based hub of information relating to carotenoids and how they benefit human health. The site will allow users to explore how human biology selectively accumulates specific carotenoids in the eye (the macular carotenoids: lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin) and brain and how they enhance specialized tissues. Additionally, the site will offer specific information regarding scientifically tested carotenoid ingredients for nutraceutical products.


Xanthosight®, NutriLZ, and Nutri-Mz™ are products manufactured by IOSA, a long-time partner of STAUBER. All contain essential carotenoids that help support eye and brain health. IOSA’s patented processes allow for carotenoids to be extracted from the Marigold flower and used in formulations such as oils, beadlets, and powders. Agreed upon by scientists are the implications of these natural substances on Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), visual performance, cognition and prenatal development. also shares exciting research regarding carotenoids and memory function. will continue to make information available to its users as scientific research and innovation continue. STAUBER and IOSA are excited to utilize this new website as they offer ongoing nutritional supplement information and support to its customers.

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Perhaps even more exceptional is the company’s work in the rural communities of Mexico. The company is determined to support organizations that are helping those who are in vulnerable situations. Industrial Organica donates to organizations helping to serve low-income communities by increasing access to education, water security, and food security. To gain more in depth information about IOSA’s products, the science behind them, and their health benefits, visit our new website To SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube page for more videos from STAUBER, click here. To learn more about IOSA and STAUBER’s other partners, click here.